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Jacob Bergson is a New York based renowned musician/producer famous for his work with Kimbra and Nerve. Recently, He introduced his solo electronic project named as TAUT. We spoke to Bergson regarding his latest solo venture and the debut single PYRITE. The concept and the motivation to initiate a solo project came during May 2019 when Bergson was in Tokyo for a week, performing with Taali (Artist/singer/producer, record label head). Bergson mentioned that he had a strong feeling that he was tired of collaborating, and knew exactly what sort of music he should make and that he wanted to create it alone and without the need to compromise with bandmates or cowriters. Bergson started working on music as soon as he got back to New York. Bergson also mentioned— “I had actually taken 2 previous stabs at making a solo record in the past — but both projects ended up on the cutting room floor. Ultimately, I just wasn’t ready yet. I had some good ideas, but I didn’t have a strong enough or specific enough vision to carry a whole project by myself.’’ It’s inspiring to know that Bergson has written about 40 demos, and about 30 of those demos got developed into finished songs. The final record is only 10 tracks long that includes selected and unique ones. He specifically mentioned— “I was looking for the tracks that sound the most different and the most like me. I’m not trying to be unique while I’m creating, but I am definitely curating for uniqueness after the fact.

The debut single PYRITE perfectly showcases Bergson’s writing style. The structure is well balanced with evergreen 2 and 4 accented rhythms and time feel supported by atmospheric fx. The track begins with an interesting arp and the microtonal shifts make the intro even more astonishing. The main melody is a beautiful product of how a pianist will write the arc of a catchy melody. As soon as the groove is introduced, the song picks up its pace and creates an uplifting and progressive space. The counter melodies to the main melody are also placed in the track to showcase a great sense of composing. The most interesting fact about the song is that the more you listen to it, the more you understand Bergson’s brilliant way of creating a piece of music without adding a lot of instruments and how it adds more space in the arrangement.

We also talked to Jacob regarding the future plans of the project and he mentioned some exciting plans and releases that are lined up. Bergson said — “There’s a ton of Taut music on the way. First, I’ll be releasing a new single as Taut each month for the next five months, with the entire debut album coming out in early March. I know that might seem like it’s a while off, but it’s not really. Trust me! It’ll sneak up on us.” He also mentioned his upcoming collaboration with Zurich based drummer Arthur Hnatek (Tigran Hamasyan). Arthur also makes electronic music under the name SWIMS. The Duo has made around 4 tracks and all set to be released over the next few months, with the first one arriving in November. In addition to that, Bergson has mentioned three remixes as the future release.

Listen to PYRITE here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqYQiN4S9cQ

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