Guitarist-Composer Nalin Vinayak with his new single Silverline Ft. Mayank Mittal and Ayan Joe — The Showrunners exclusive reviews

It’s the time again when New Delhi based Guitarist-Composer Nalin Vinayak releases a fresh brand new single called Silverline. The track features vocalist Mayank Mittal of Kapow! and talented bass player Ayan Joe of Ramooz. Prog-pop is what we can hear in Silverline. The presentation is quite interesting as it unfolds various elements like the shifts of electronic and acoustic drum sounds, Electric piano and strings, and a gradual shift of mellow vibes to ambient progressive sounds supported by piano comping and electric guitar. Silverline is Nalin’s most personal song yet. True to his trademark, Nalin fuses hints of several genres into a track that is best described as a sonic hug.

The track is a minimalist but experimental arrangement with a fresh sound. The production is on point with a well-mixed track, saturated synths, and great live instruments. The vocal melody in some sections feels a little contrived, could use some experimentation in that line, but it works well with the arrangement. The instrumental solo sections are keeping the arrangement spicy. Harmonically, the track keeps me on the edge of my seat with subtle dissonance adding that bit of spice. The outro is really putting the entire sound in one place. Fruitful collaboration is the right way to present this song since everything comes together in one place. Though based on Nalin’s personal experience, Silverline is bound to resonate with all artists at a deeper level.

Silverline is produced and recorded by Nalin at his own studio called Idea Multimedia Studios, New Delhi. Nalin studied audio engineering from KM College of Music and Technology, Chennai, and also holds a diploma in Guitar Performance from Rockschool London, UK. He is ambitious about scoring for the film and gaming industries and is currently in bootstrap stages with select movie producers. His fresh approach to background scoring won him the Best Music Director award for the short film “Caged” in 2019.

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