An inspiring story of Rythem Bansal and his impactful persona — The Showrunners exclusive pick

When the first ever time I heard his name, I was wondering “Okay, that’s a really cool name” but that’s not it. It’s my pleasure to write about one of the best pianists/composers and my personal favourite from India. I believe he is more than just a musician. He can put life in any given style of music. I can tell that he is one of the most humble, intelligent, motivating & helping person you will meet in Delhi music scene. It’s always an opportunity to play with him as he will encourage you to push yourself to your limits even if it seems impossible. Apart from that he has got an amazing sense of humor.

Rythem Bansal is a professional pianist, composer and educator based in New Delhi,
India. He has been a recipient of merit based scholarships from Berklee College
of Music (Boston, USA) for the Five-Week Summer Program; Delhi School of Music, Global
Music Institute and Korean Cultural Centre. He started off by self training and eventually started exploring western classical music in guidance of Mr John Raphael (Delhi school of music). Drawn to
jazz and improvisational music, he also took lessons from Utsav Lal (who’s another incredible pianist from Delhi)and Jacob Damelin

Apart from a powerhouse performer, Rythem is an equally good teacher and life coach both on stage and off stage. He started his music career from music schools (Performers Collective, One World College of music & Blue notes school of music). Since the coronavirus outbreak affecting musicians real hard, He’s providing online lessons to get it going.

Being in his early 20s, He has played numerous music festivals such as Goa International Jazz
Festival, MTV India Music Summit Festival (1st Edition), Jaipur Jazz & Blues Festival, Pune

International Jazz Utsav, Delhi International Jazz Festival and Giants of Jazz Festival. In his journey, he got to play with some incredible international artists like George Brooks (USA), Rainer Pusch (Germany), Matteo Fraboni (Italy),
James Morton (UK), Quentin Moore (USA), David Soin Tapesser (UK) and well known Indian artists like Pranai Gurung, Vasundhara Vee, Sentirenla Lucia, Shubh Saran, Sanjay
Divecha, Kartikeya Srivastava and Aditya Balani. I saw him trading solos (I kid you not) with the Maestro Chick Corea himself after his performance at Pianoman jazz club, Delhi. I was there and I remember pushing him to go and talk to Chick as he was too thrilled and shy at the same time. I can never forget that day. I bought my new acoustic guitar that day and I had an opportunity to get it signed by Chick Corea.

He’s played with almost every jazz musician in town as far as I can guess. I first met him in the open jam session at pianoman jazz club as a complete noobie. Those days Harshit Mishra (Hashbass - DCF Shapes) was on bass duties for house trio with Aditya Dutta on drums. I didn’t know a single thing about jazz and Arjun (owner - TPM) called me out on stage. I remember that day I messed up real bad on stage and Rythem was guiding me throughout the tune. He’s got sharp ears, vast knowledge of jazz music and apart from his piano playing, he can slay on drums as his rhythmic ideas are unreal. Besides the music life, he’s a poker shark and an amazing chess player. I have seen him growing almost everyday as a better musician and within the span of two years, he was doing wonders on stage with his improvisational skills. Jazz is something he is deeply connected to and he inspires everyone to be the best no matter what style of music you play. Be true to yourself and your music is what he promotes through his personality.

Rythem is a part of The Pianoman Jazz club House Trio where he play alongside experienced cats - Sonic shori (Bass) & Aditya Dutta (Drums). This trio is a powerhouse and I invite to everyone who’s reading this to attend the jam session atleast once. You will be amazed by their unreal performances. Jam session happens every Sunday at Pianoman Delhi and every Monday at Pianoman gurgaon 9pm onwards.



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