A deep conversation/QnA with Aayushi Karnik ( Singer-Songwriter//Jazz-Blues Guitarist) as The Showrunners exclusive pick of the week

Q1 - Tell us about your early days of music? How did you start getting into music? Also, a little bit about your school life?

Q2 - Tell us about your experience and the hustle of being an established part of the music scene? What changes have you seen in the current music scene over the years?

Q3 - How did you learn music? Did you attempt any formal music education? What’s your take on the importance of music education and how it helps?

Q4 - Being a Singer-Songwriter yourself, What do you promote through your music writing? Tell us about your influences and songwriters that have been inspiring initially till now?

Q5 - Tell us about the shift from being a singer-songwriter to a remarkably good blues player and then advanced improvisational styles like jazz? Also, tell us how all the information comes together?

Q6 - What challenges have you faced initially as a musician in India? How difficult has it become for an indie musician to pursue music in this country? Also, what was the reason behind choosing The Juilliard School and pursuing a formal music education program?

Q7 - Tell us about your daily practice routine and your day to day goals? How would you describe an ideal mindset of a musician to reach his/her desired goals? Also, what kept your boat sailing in these trying times?

Q8 - What’s on your playlist these days? Tell us about your current influences and Any top 10 albums you would like to recommend?

  1. Joe Pass — Virtuoso
  2. Ahmad Jamal — Live at the Blackhawk
  3. John Mayer — Where the light is Concert
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughan — Texas Flood
  5. Allan Holdsworth — Atavachron
  6. Bill Evans & Jim Hall — Undercurrent
  7. Pat Metheny & John Scofield — I can see your house from here
  8. Wes Montgomery — Smokin’ at the Half note
  9. Kurt Rosenwinkel — Reflections
  10. Simon and Garfunkel — Bookends
  11. John Coltrane — Coltrane plays the Blues

Q9 - If you have a chance to change or improve a few things about musicians in India, what would you like to improve/change?

Q10 - Any message would you like to give to the musicians before signing off on this interview?



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