A deep conversation/QnA session with the Maestro Pradyumna Singh Manot aka Paddy (Latin Jazz Pianist//Educator) as The Showrunners exclusive pick of the Week

Q1. Tell us about your early days of music? How did you start getting into music? Also a little bit about your school life?

Q2. What was the reason behind choosing the Piano as your main instrument? Tell us about your influences and what inspired you the most while you were starting out as a beginner?

Q3. How did you pursue music education? What were those aspects during your early days of learning that worked wonders for you?

Q4. How to network and market yourself as an independent musician? How to get into the list of established first-call session musicians of your local music circuit?

Q5. With the advent of the internet in India, the up and coming musicians of this generation are exposed to a vast variety of genres to learn from and the information is also rather easily accessible, What challenges did you face in your time especially since you represent such an exotic style of music for an Indian audience?

Q6. Based on the privileges this generation has in terms of access to information, Do you hear or sense any change in the output of the current generation’s musicians?

Q7. Being a phenomenal performer, What’s your mindset during your performances and how did you develop such a vast melodic and rhythmic vocabulary? Also what challenges do you face in your live sessions with other musicians?

Q8. What’s on your playlist these days? Tell us about your current influences and Any top 10 albums you would like to recommend?

Q9. If you have a chance to change or improve a few things about musicians in India, what would you like to improve/change?

Q10. One or more advice each for this generation’s musicians and music educators that you’d like to sign off with? Perhaps something you learned the hard way but helped you in the long run that may benefit the budding musicians?

  1. Rhythmic feel
  2. Rhythmic feel
  3. Rhythmic feel
  4. Rhythmic feel
  5. Rhythmic feel….



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